Search Engine Optimization

An introduction to the newest model of online business marketing strategy.

What that means

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a multi-tiered online business-promoting paradigm that involves getting your brand the market exposure it so desperately needs. In today’s online marketplace those without the ability to get their names out there to the customers they want to attract will be quickly relegated to the bottom of the pile. The companies that nurture their online business profiles will be the ones that stand out above the rest.

Online Optimization for a business is a joint operation that involves both making your website more noticeable for all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Alexa, etc.) and publicizing your brand to as many open social media markets as possible – commonly referred to as creating backlinks.

Search engine marketing ties in with SEO by using ad-generating web services, like Google AdSense, to help bring your brand to more noticeable locations throughout the internet. You pay per click based on the value of the search terms, but your site and brand will be prominently featured by the search engine on its results page.


What the means for you

SEO helps get your name out there in a positive way. When your company has its brand known to more people, your customer base will only improve. That is why it is so important to have a website that is fully optimized for search engine crawlers so your information can be consumed by the most potential clientele.


Full transparency notice

While optimizing your site(s) will potentially increase your standing (read: ranking) on major search engine results, it is in no way a guarantee that your site or business will rank #1 or even on the front page of a query. That is something that can ONLY be acquired through time, patience, and quality site craftsmanship and optimization.

In the early days of SEO, sites could take advantage of coding shortcuts to get themselves ranked higher, but the rules and algorithms have since evolved into highly intelligent creatures that are not easily fooled. Anyone who promises you that you can rise to the top of any search engine’s rankings overnight is selling snake oil… there are no free lunches! The flip side is that your business or brand has no chance of improving its ranking without some kind of internet optimization. Like a monetary bond, it is an investment that pays dividends over time.

SEO Plans

For individuals or small businesses trying to increase their search ranking. Get the services your company requires while still keeping your accountant happy.

Single Payment Plan

Basic Optimization

One Medium Site (up to 10 pages)

We will perform a one-time full on-site optimization for your company’s small or medium size website. This will include all the content – copy, assets, meta tags, etc. Our team draws up the plan, you approve, you win.

Starting at

Additional pages $199/page
Single Payment Plan

Business Complete

One Large Site (up to 20 pages)

Full on-site SEO to an entire website of your choice. Service includes all pages and content. Best value for medium-sized organizations that want a boost to their larger sites.

Starting at

Monthly Maintenance Plan

SEO Plus M

Includes One Full Site (no page limit)

This plan takes the Business Complete plan and adds regional marketing optimizations. Your business will be optimized for local web searches and integrated with Google AdSense/AdWords*.

Starting at

Maintenance Fee: $99
Monthly Maintenance Plan

Full SEO Plus M

Includes One Full Site (no page limit)

Our most intensive SEO plan available. Your website will be:

  • On-Site: Fully optimized for search engine crawlers
  • Off-Site: Integrated with search engine advertising (Google AdSense/Adwords*)
  • Off-Site: Publicized through a social media persona to better communicate with your customers. Includes up to five new accounts. Additional accounts extra.

Starting at

Maintenance Fee: Starting at $199

The boring stuff…

Note: Any and all of the above services performed by Imperial Digital Business Development require exclusive access to and unimpeded use of the client’s website. That includes a (temporary) user account with full administrative rights & privileges. Any and all changes to be made to website content (asset modification, meta manipulation, etc.) will be approved by the client before they are published live. Any disputes about proposed changes in content must be handled before the pages are published in order to avoid a dithering penalty.

* Google AdWords/AdSense requires a retainer fee for use. Retainer fee must be paid upfront and is non-refundable.

Default social media accounts included in “Full SEO Plus M” plan will be the top five most popular sites as of the time of contractual agreement. Client may freely choose any five sites or services. Additional social media accounts to any site or service that is not already included will be an additional $99/account plus $20 per additional account/month.