Establishing An Effective Online Presence

What you aren’t doing could be hurting your SEO efforts


So you finally got yourself a plan to optimize your website for search engine crawlers. It’s not an easy task to be sure, but if you are failing to include, in your SEO plan, the potential indexing to be found outside of your actual master site you are, quite literally, throwing money away.

Your SEO&M plan should include increasing your visibility in all possible aspects of the online marketplace. The more frequently your brand is seen, the more likely it is to attract new customers. A perfect place for this to happen is throughout the social media sphere – A place where so many people spend much of their free time is an excellent choice for exposure.

In addition to social media there are many other marketing outlets through which your business or name can be promoted. Using these abundant resources available to us online, we give your implemented SEO efforts a major boost by increasing your virtual visibility which, in turn, steadily increases your online trust and availability factors – two key variables in all modern search engine indexing algorithms.

Online Presence Booster Plans

Turbo charge your SEO development without breaking the bank

Creation Only Plan

Online Persona Creation

Includes Five New Accounts

At the time of contractual agreement, we will focus our attention on getting your business established with the top five then-currently ranked social media services. This will include account creation, profile loading, and initial content (blogs, media, etc.) posting that you can then keep track of on a routine basis.

Starting at

Additional sites/services $99
Maintenance Only Plan

Online Persona Maintenance

Includes Five Accounts

Already have an online presence established throughout the internet? Well now you will need to keep up with the constant demand of updating your information to prevent staleness. We will monitor your accounts regularly and post new content on demand that you find relevant. We will act on your behalf to actively promote your business through any account we are contractually assigned to.

Starting at

Additional sites/services $20
Complete Package

Full Online Persona Contract

Includes Five New Accounts

Our best value for online visibility creation and maintenance. We will get you all set up with the accounts of your choice and monitor those accounts to keep them current. Your online information stays with us and is completely handled by the Imperial Digital Presence team saving you time and stress.

Starting at
$849 + $99/month

Additional sites/services $99 + $20/month